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Forever Memorials are a family run company dedicated to the bespoke manufacture and installation of memorial headstones and grave markers and we cover all cemeteries.

Our design team have many years of experience in the manufacture of memorial stones and grave markers, using the latest technology alongside traditional methods, which allows us to provide affordable memorials and grave markers direct to the public at very affordable prices.

We will work with you to create a truly special and individual memorial for your loved one and to help you achieve the memorial they deserve.

Our in-house design team are happy to assist you every step of the way including helping you to choose the perfect wording and designs. We can also, should you wish, install a porcelain image of your loved one onto the memorial stone or grave marker to make it even more personal.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist you in the production of your personalised memorial stone or grave marker.

A memorial should be a lasting tribute and is a solid statement that a person has lived, and is no longer there but is still important. This is the last gift to a loved one by the people they have left behind.

It is also a focal point for grief and helpful in the grieving process, somewhere you can go and relive memories of your loved one.

Memorials need to be made from suitable material that will withstand the weather and are suitable to take a lasting inscription; time has shown that granite has all the above qualities.

Because a memorial is a lasting monument and tribute to a person’s life, it is important to choose it carefully. A hasty decision made while still in great distress, often results in later regret so it is sensible to wait and spend time on selecting a suitable memorial.

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